French Windows at the Ikon

Posted 31.03.10

Ikon Gallery 21st July - 5th September

I have never been interested in reality. At first I made 8mm live action films and built everything myself, in order to create my own artificial worlds. To begin with, I wasn’t attracted to the medium of animation, dominated by bouncy characters. I had no animation tutors, only practicing painters and sculptors to encourage me. I was entering the unknown, doing everything through trial and error, fumbling along and inventing my own techniques. Things came together through instinct, because I was fortunate enough to have the facilities and the time to experiment. I made films with no concept of what they would lead to. There was no career ambition, only curiosity and excitement. I was simply in love with the medium. In those days before digital animation, everything was hand drawn and shot on film, frame by frame. After six months of work I posted my short film to the laboratory and waited for it to come back. To see it projected for the first time was truly exhilarating, the result unexpected. I didn’t know what I was creating. The animated films I made in the late seventies were dreams, imagined in detailed response to music. The technique was meticulous and painstaking and time consuming but the possibilities were unlimited. My films were journeys into other worlds filled with motion and metamorphosis, none-narrative films that were open to interpretation, the anonymous characters floating or falling or flying. My films were erotic geometric landscapes through which I could plunge. To be a physical being, moving through space, set free.