The Munsters


Universal, produced by Michael R. Joyce and John Landis. Starring Sam McMurray, Ann Magnuson, Elaine Hendrix and Bug Hall. Filmed in Sidney, doubling as LA. I Production Designed the picture as well as directed it. Grandpa is played by Sandy Baron and Mrs Dimwitty by Mary Woronov (of Andy Warhol fame).

Synopsis: As young Eddie Munster displays negative emotions toward the holidays the Munster Family attempts to dredge him from the depths of the Christmas doldrums. Along the way Grandpa tries to help Santa with his gift giving by concocting a magic potion for the jolly one but is hindered by a pair of pesky elves. As all this is going on Mrs. Munster and Eddie enter a house-decorating contest with an unusual decor, much to the chagrin of an obnoxious, competitive neighbor.