Space and the Woods


Late Of The Pier, it turns out, were somewhat obsessed with my psychedelic seventies animated short, 'French Windows', featuring the 'One Of These Days' track from Pink Floyd's 'Meddle' album. Making the 'Space and the Woods' video for these guys was a riot, because on the one hand I was being asked to recreate a style from 3 decades ago, and on the other I was re-inventing the design ethic using today's technology. So the film is a wonderful mix of retro and nowtro, and scenes which previously had taken me a month to animate, now took a few hours. Curiously, and to my pleasure, the power of my original stood up to anything new that could be made. I realized, that for all the fireworks of digital animation, it's often too complicated, impressive-le-max but on the way to being boring. There is no doubt that real, brutal, inspired design from the guts can knock all that stuff into a cocked hat. Late Of The Pier are very, very clever young guys. They know where the power lies.