Knights and Emeralds


Warner Brothers. Produced by Sir David Puttnam. Starring Beverley Hills, Christopher Wild and Warren Mitchell. My first feature film, shot in my hometown of Birmingham, much of it around Spaghetti Junction.  Also published as a book by Fontana Paperbacks.

Synopsis: In this teen drama-comedy about racial tensions, Christopher Wild stars as Kevin, the son of a racist family who goes against his father's prejudices by befriending a black brass band called the Crusaders that are blessed with talent but not much discipline. The white kids at school have their own marching band called the Knights, and Kevin is a hotshot drummer for this otherwise awful group of musicians. The Knights team up with the gorgeous but vicious majorette troupe known as the Emeralds and get ready for a big up-coming competition. Kevin gets invited by the Crusaders' star drummer Melissa (Beverley Hills) to practice with them and is caught up in romance and racial biases at the same time.