International Airport Plastic


Something curious happened while I was shooting this film at various airports during my travels. I captured moments I didn’t see. While initially attracted to the atmosphere of airport departure lounges late at night, observing an alienating twilight zone that belongs neither to a country or a time zone, upon editing the material what struck me was the people, that these places are full of drifting souls, coming and going, and stories promised, dreams, meetings, hopes, all floating by in a kind of ghostly ballet. It was a lot more touching than I expected. I also realized that there was already a film in the material, waiting to be released. It is the choices in editing that make the statement. The subconscious mind is doing a lot more work that we realize and I’m really intrigued by this notion. Then there is the business of starting to recognize the people on each additional viewing, to see more, to anticipate a gesture or an action. After each viewing it looks like it’s all been rehearsed, like it’s the best example of crowd control you’ve ever seen. I know these people now, that I didn’t see when I was filming. They inhabit this alien world, and they repeat their dance for me each time I watch it. This experience has made me realize I want to make more installation films.