Flightpath Tegel


In my youth I lived in the shadow of Britain’s largest motorway intersection, Spaghetti Junction. It was a thing of beauty, mystery and dreams. It was inevitable that years later, John Foxx’s music would have a profound effect on me. His songs were machine poems to the modern world. He captured a mood that I understood. It turned out that we were both admirers of the great writer J.G. Ballard, in particular his novel Concrete Island. Ballard commuted every day to his office along Westway, traveling around a certain traffic island to Shepherds Bush. Below that island lay a tantalizing world, once deserted, then inhabited by gypsies, now filled with storage units. I believe this could have been the Concrete Island of Ballard’s imagination. Curiously, I spied glimpses of this island in Johns video of Underpass. Flightpath Tegel is an experiment, a work in progress, an interpretation of John’s music and homage to Ballard’s Concrete Island.